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Large, quality flower presses are so hard to find. I really enjoy pressing flowers, but became frustrated at the size limitations of a smaller press, so I decided that I would make my own! I am so happy with the final product and felt it would make complete sense to offer these to you, because I know you’ve been searching for the perfect press! To make it even more special, I illustrated the Australian native flowers that are laser engraved on the front cover. I also engraved instructions inside the front cover of your press, so you can always refer to them if needed.



The press covers are 38cm tall x 29cm wide. The cardboard and paper inserts are A4 size (therefore the actual pressing size is A4).
The thickness of the plywood is 6mm (per cover). The length of the bolts is 90mm.


The press covers are made from gorgeous poplar plywood. Pale in colour, the grain is very subtle with occasional small, dark inclusions. The plywood is laser engraved and lovingly hand painted by me, with acrylic paint. The covers are coated on both sides with delicious-smelling bees wax to help protect the timber from moisture penetration, and to give a soft lustre finish that still appears raw and natural.

The cardboard inserts are thinner than you might expect to find in a press. This is because I wanted to reduce the risk of transferring the corrugation pattern that is inside cardboard, to the flowers during pressing. Throughout my testing, this has been a huge success! There are 10 sheets of cardboard included in your press.

The blotting paper layers between the cardboard are a nice thick paper, with a smooth surface. They soak up moisture extremely well. There are 18 sheets of blotting paper included in your press.

Please note, I designed the press so that the bolts do not have to feed through the cardboard and blotting paper. I felt that this would make it easier to source suitable refills that are readily available to you.

I searched high and low for the brass hardware that is used to hold your press together. I wanted something with a slightly aged appearance that didn’t look like it came straight from the hardware shop. It adds a sense of nostalgia and celebrates the history of flower pressing. The thumb nuts are gentle on your fingers, the square-neck coach bolts help to to stop the bolt spinning when the nuts are being tightened, and the brass spacers are useful when pressing thin layers, to ensure the nuts have thread to tighten onto.

If I have premade presses in stock at the time of order, I will despatch your order within 1-2 business days, but please consider that your press may be made to order. In this case, please allow 1-2 weeks making time.
Personalisation is certainly available. Please CONTACT ME if you would like a name added to your press. Additional charges will apply.

For shipping purposes, your flower press will arrive to you disassembled (the bolts will not be threaded through the holes.



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Dimensions 40 × 35 × 6 cm


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