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From the Palm collection! A gorgeous sage green is paired with a natural white, evoking the feelings of cool breeze on white-sand dunes. Sit yourself beneath the shade of the tall palms and watch the waves roll in.

This indoor pot is made from scratch, by pouring a casting compound into a mould. Once cured, I hand paint the palm tree elements with acrylic paint.
Perfect for use as a decorative piece on its own, a catch-all-dish, or with the addition of an indoor plant or floral arrangement.


The pot measures approx 12cm in diameter and  7cm in height.

It is designed for indoor use only and does not have a drainage hole. Whilst the pot is sealed against water penetration, it is not entirely waterproof. With this in mind, it is best to keep living plants in an inner pot, that can be removed for watering. Alternatively, they are perfect for artificial plants.

Inclusions such as small holes from bubbles that have been trapped in the casting process, are an expected feature of this item and are not considered a defect.

Although robust, these planters are still fragile, not dissimilar to ceramic, and should be handled with care.

If your pot requires postage, I will wrap and pack it as snugly as I possibly can. After all, I love it as much as you! Please understand that fragile items are always a risk in transit. I am therefore not liable for any damage to your pot, sustained in transit.


Please allow 5-10 working days for me to make your pot. Shipping times are additional.

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