I offer a unique range of creative services that are backed by my extensive skill set in Design. I can help you establish a design brief that will provide me with all of the information I need to create a design concept that answers your needs.


Hand Painted Signage

I conceptualise, design, fabricate and hand paint bespoke signage for a wide range of applications, from private commissions to commercial and wedding/event signage. Detail is my specialty and I aim to exceed your expectations with the finished product.

You may be looking for a quality, bespoke piece that modern machinery can’t replicate. You may also see the value in traditional craft methods and appreciate that the end result is sure to impress!

Hand-painted signage is still used today for direct-to-surface applications where digitally printed signage will not last. I can paint directly onto almost any surface such as brick, render, cement, metal, wood, fabric and even glass. With almost zero waste and the use of mostly waterbased paints, my services are also gentle on the environment.

Expresso Vespa Girl
large scale wall mural

Wall Art & Murals

From hanging canvas wall art to large scale wall murals, the options really are endless for making a statement in your space.

I adore creating art for children’s rooms. My specialty is creating personalised canvas Name Signs that really tell the story of your child. I will ensure that your child’s artwork is designed to enhance their space and grow with them. Special sentimental symbols or elements hidden amongst the artworks have become a signature of mine.

Name Signs also make an incredibly thoughtful gift and/or keepsake.

I love to paint larger canvas pieces with careful consideration to the interiors where they will be installed. If you’re looking for something vibrant, something soft or something textured, from fluid abstracts to realism, I can help you achieve something truly beautiful to create an impressive statement in your space.

If you have a much larger space, be it interior or exterior, I can conceptualise, design and create a striking piece and paint it directly onto your surface. You may have a wall inside or outside of your home that lends itself to large scale art, or perhaps you have a business that deserves some incredible art to really wow your customers and create a lasting impression. I also have a keen interest in community beautification projects where art is used to enhance a public space.

Mural art can be applied to almost any surface.

Coastal Boho styling

Styling & Visual Merchandising

Styling can be an overwhelming experience at times when you have invested so much time, expense and emotion into a special occasion. If you’re after some assistance with styling an event such as a Wedding, Engagement, Birthday or even a Corporate event, I can help you identify a style or theme and advise you on what decorative elements you can use to create an impressive, cohesive and cost effective look. This service can be offered online, or if you’re local I would love to meet with you in person.

I offer a Visual Merchandising service to businesses who would like a better return on their investment when operating from a shopfront.

If you are finding it difficult to organise your floor plan effectively so that you can achieve the best sales results, I can help you look at your space with fresh eyes and offer creative solutions to maximise your dollars-per-square-metre.

If you need some assistance with merchandising of key displays within your space, I can offer advice to help you improve your merchandising skills, or I can install high-impact, attractive displays for you.

"I was born with art in my veins and I will carry it with me till the day I die."

~ Erin Hughes


Hi! I’m Erin Hughes.
I’m an Artist, Sign Painter and Interior Designer based on the glorious Coffs Coast of NSW.

Noi Creations - Coffs Harbour Artist
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